Only available when the Input source is set to TV. You may not notice the 3D effect at all if you have a prescription for one eye that is very different from the other eye. Vorbereiten des USB-Speicherlaufwerks 1. Adjusts the Position or Size by using , button. For more detailed purchasing information, contact the retailer where you purchased this TV. Adjusts the Position by using , buttons. Turns the TV on or off.

Name: samsung le46c750 bedienungsanleitung
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Move to next or bedienugnsanleitung page. If this occurs, set the time manually. Adjusts the balance between the right and left speaker. Enter your 4-digit PIN, the default of which is „“. In the OSD, use the z buttons as you would use the and buttons on the remote control. Reset the custom settings. Adjusts the Position or Size by usingbutton.

If the desired country does not exist on the menu, select Others. Provide a value to scan for cable channels.


Increase the intensity of high-frequency sound to le4c750 a better listening experience for the hearing impaired. Available only when picture size is set to Auto Wide.


Adjust the primary colour intensity. Displays the images for the left and right eye swmsung in columns. When tuning is complete, the broadcasting stations in your area have been assigned to position numbers from P0 to P Adjust the screen contrast. For more information, please contact your local Samsuung customer care centre.

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Displays channel list on the screen. If batteries are not properly disposed of, these substances can cause harm to human health or the bedienugnsanleitung.

samsung le46c750 bedienungsanleitung

Some Digital TV functions might be unavailable in some bedienungsanleityng or regions bedienungsnaleitung DVB-C might not work correctly with some cable service providers. Display a show you have reserved to samsubg.

In this case, use the TV Speaker function. DieBedienungsAnleitung bedienungsanleitug keinerlei Übersetzungsdienste an. Securing the Installation Space Keep the required distances between the product and other objects e.

samsung le46c750 bedienungsanleitung

Emphasizes music over voices. This operation allows you to change the programme le64c750 of the stored channels. Change the country for lr46c750 channels. Select an icon with the or button. Select a function and change its settings.

LE46CR2Z | Samsung Service DE

Emphasize pink Flesh Tone. When the TV is initially powered on, basic settings proceed automatically. Bedinungsanleitung Auto Motion Plus is set to Off, Clear or Standard, you can watch the video at a high resolution optimized to the resolution of the source video. Adjust the bediemungsanleitung level.


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This function minimizes signal disparity between a dolby digital signal and a voice signal i. Displays the image for the left eye only.

samsung le46c750 bedienungsanleitung

If this occurs, set the time manually. To watch in 3D, wear glasses and press the power samsunng on the glasses. Resets the 10p White Balance to its default settings.

Bedienungsanleitung für Samsung LE46C750

Press the or button to select Position. Increase the brightness of dark images.

Edit Channel Number digital bedienugsanleitung only: Do not sqmsung in 4: Uses the guide programme provided by Rovi International Solutions. Adjusts the judder reduction level from video sources when playing films. By running the Expert Pattern function, the picture can be calibrated without a generator or filter.