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Build Your Own Rave Halloween Costume

Build Your Own Rave Halloween Costume

 Halloween is by far the best holiday of the year. Not only does everyone let loose and live a little more on the wild side, but it’s also one of the only days you can wear your favorite rave gear out and about with no judgment. Not that we really care about judgment anyway! If you’re still thinking about which costumes you can incorporate your favorite rave gear into, we’ve got you covered. These are a few of the trendiest rave Halloween costumes you can put together using stuff you’ve already got in your closet.


Pull inspiration from Wonder Woman and throw on a blue skirt, a gold belt, and a red top! Or go the opposite route and slip into a pair of black leggings and a crop top. Throw on some cat ears and voila! You’re ready to go as Catwoman.

 Mythical Creature

Mermaid, fairy, or unicorn… whatever floats your boat! You can combine a pair of iridescent leggings with a sparkly top for a sweet mermaid costume or grab a sparkly skirt and a pair of wings for a fairy look. You can make nearly any mythical creature work as long as there’s tons of sparkle involved.



Add your own twist to the Disney classics. Give Snow White an edge or trade Cinderella’s glass slippers for some sparkly boots. Build your own outfit, throw on a tiara, and you’re ready to go!

 Playboy Bunny

 There’s the old standby of going as a Playboy Bunny, which is always fun! All you need is a bodysuit and some bunny ears, and don’t forget a cute little cottontail. If you’re looking for the full ensemble, you can find one here.


Witch costumes might be easy but rave clothes really give you the opportunity to step it up a notch. You can add a spiderweb pattern dress to your closet or pull every black item of clothing you have and pair it with a witch hat. It’s completely up to you!


It’s the ultimate contradiction- the sexy nun costume. You can create it using your sexiest black dress and a crucifix paired with some thigh-high boots, or, if you’re looking for something slightly more cohesive, you can find a great rave version of the costume here.

 Angel or Devil

Let your evil side out to play with a Devil costume or play the innocent angel. This outfit lets you do both but if you’re determined to pick one side or the other, pair a white dress with a halo or a red dress with some devil horns. Either way, don’t forget to add the shoes.

Whether Halloween is your favorite day of the year or just an excuse to break out your favorite rave gear, there are tons of ways to get in the spirit. It’s coming up fast so if you’re still trying to figure out what costume speaks to you, these ideas might help you out.

Missing a few items that you need for your Halloween ensemble? Pick up whatever you need to finish off your rave Halloween costume here!

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